Grand Rapids area sales and service of paper shredders, national paper shredder sales of MBM, Dahle and Formax paper and media shredders


 Wheeler Business Machines sells and services every type of paper and shredding machine for small, medium, and high security paper shredding. Our leading paper shredding manufacturers include MBM & Dahle, each a hallmark in high quality, German precision engineering. There are three main types of shredders to suit different environments and specific levels of security. Additional considerations include the volume (in gallons), security level, throat opening, and waste bin capacity. Many of our customers call for advice to help determine the best fit and footprint for their environment, and versatility in terms of media types the shredders can handle.


Strip-cut Shredders

Strip-cut shredders are ideal shredders for personal and small office document disposal.
• Shred more paper at a time
• Faster shredding speed
• Lower maintenance
• Less expensive

Cross-cut Shredders

Cross-cut Shredders are best for offices and departments where medium security standards are in practice.
• Greater security
• Reduces shredded bulk
(About 80% more waste paper per bag than

High Security Shredders

Most secure shredders that can shred sensitive documents into dust.

• Super Micro-Cut (SMC)
• DOD/NSA approved
• Overheating Protection
• Energy Saving Mode

Feed Opening Width

The Feed Opening is the part of the shredder where the paper enters.  The width varies and increases as model numbers increase which ranges from 8 inches to 18 inches.  There are several reasons why this is important.

  • You must choose the shredder width based on the size of the documents you will be shredding. (The standard paper size 8 ½ x 11, easily fits in any of the Destroyit shredders.)
  • If you plan to shred continuous form documents wider than 12 inches, it is best to focus on our High Volume Shredders that offer a 16 inch feed opening which will allow you to shred continuously without constant watch. (The biggest width of the Mid-Size Shredders is 12 inches.)
  • Continuous forms will constantly jam if you have a smaller feed opening.

Based on what size documents you will be shredding, choose the model with the appropriate feed opening. If you will be only shredding standard size paper you can consider the smaller models but you will have to take into account the power of the shredder (Output).

Capability – Output, Capacity and Throughput

  • A “duty cycle” is the length of time a shredder can continuously shred before it needs to cool down. Duty cycles can range from 2 minutes up to over an hour, depending on the size of the shredder. How long will you need to shred each day?
  • The output is measured in pounds per hour and is an indication of the speed and power of the shredder. You need to know what kind of power you want to work with.
  • Many times purchasing a bigger more powerful shredder pays off depending on your volume. If you are doing very little shredding the low models will be sufficient.
  • Throughput is a combination of the three most critical features contributing to a shredder’s performance – sheet capacity, shredding speed and duty cycle. Throughput tells us how much… how fast… and for how long. These characteristics will help you determine the level of productivity you should expect from your shredder.


Finally, the last important criteria you should consider when choosing a shredder has to do with what types of materials, in addition to paper, you plan to shred on a regular basis. Shredders are created to shred such additional media as staples, paper clips, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, and junk mail. Look for the shredder that has the capabilities that can address all your extra needs.

Here are a few of our favorites, but visit our product showroom to see more!