Dictation Solutions

Dictation Solutions for Law Firms:

While dictation saves time and money for all businesses, few industries have been as reliant on recorded dictation as leading law firms due to the unique requirements of the legal profession. Wheeler Business Machines supports Law Offices across North America, whether they’re using old analog technology, or the latest digital dictation equipment available. We can help ensure smooth upgrades to the most technologically advanced digital dictation equipment available when the time is right, and repair your obsolescing equipment in the interim.

Upgrading the process from tape to digital compounds the inherent benefits of the dictation process in several ways, including:

  • The ability to immediately offer a secure and professional process for firm attorneys/staff to work remotely
  • The ability to seamlessly integrate after hours, overflow and initial drafts transcription to off site vendors
  • A means to track and metric the work in progress at any sized firm

Dictation Solution for Medical Offices:

There are many considerations in selecting the right dictation equipment for Medical offices with the advent of electronic record keeping. Digital or analog dictation can supplement notations in offices with EMR, or can continue to form the backbone of patient records for medical practices who find EMR unwieldy during patient visits. For physicians who wish to enhance medical transcription, we carry a wide selection of excellent digital dictation equipment selections, including great options from industry leaders such as Olympus.

For radiologists and other medical professionals who produce reports, a favorite hassle-free reporting product includes Olympus DirectRec or Phillips Speech Mics.

If you’d like advice in selecting the right equipment for your medical practice, please do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation!

Here are a few of our favorites, but visit our product showroom to see more!