Inventory Tracking with Scan Shark Key Tracker from Wheeler Business Machines


Wheeler Business Machines has solutions for Inventory Service professionals who need to perform fast, accurate inventory audits for their retailers. We like a “dedicated unit” approach – equipment designed to do exactly, and only, the task at hand and do it well. Our favorite inventory solutions are niche inventory tracker products such as the ScanShark and KeyTracker.

The ScanShark
The ScanShark is by-far the best inventory computer available anywhere. Here’s why!

  • Lightest: It weighs less than 28 oz, including batteries. It’s the lightest inventory computer in the world.
  • Memory: It has 256 MB of data memory standard, the ScanShark has the most memory of any inventory computer in the world.
  • Speed: It uses a USB port for communications with the PC. Receiving a SKU Master file or sending your data to the PC is lightning fast. The USB port is the most trusted high-speed communications port in the world.
  • Software: Save thousands of dollars on inventory software alone. Software for ScanShark and PC are FREE with purchase and include free lifetime upgrades via the internet! We’ll compete head to head with any inventory auditing software in the world and beat them hands-down for power and ease of use.

The Keytracker
The ISS Keytracker is an inventory/stocktaking data collection unit, specifically developed for financial (dollar-value) inventories.
The physical characteristics and software operations of the Keytracker were designed by a team of inventory service professionals. A team with over twenty years experience at four inventory auditing services. The design goals were strict: create a powerful but easy to use inventory machine. There was one more very important requirement; It had to be affordable.

Remember Everything
The Keytracker will recall every price and every quantity you enter for the entire inventory. With an impressive 512 KB of data memory, you can operate the Keytracker all day long and not use all of the memory. That’s over 40,000 separate entries including price, two (2) quantity fields, section, category and entry totals.
All of your entries are accessible to you from any point, either forward or backward, at any time.

If you’re an inventory service professional and you’d like to consult on which product most closely suits your clientele, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.