I first started doing business with Wheeler Business Machines in June of 2008 when I purchased my first Olympus AS 4000 Transcription Kit. I have purchased an upgrade since that time due to the stellar service and support that I have received from Wheeler. They are a paragon of reliability. Wheeler’s concern for the customer only begins with the sale and continues from that point on in perpetuity. I can’t recommend the product and the service highly enough and my office depends on it!

Kurz & Associates, LLC

I needed a schematic for a very old Fellowes PowerShred 510 shredder and could not find my copy. After searching the internet, I found Wheeler Business Machines. They answered the phone and were able to find me a copy and faxed it right out. Within ten minutes from my phone call to them, I had a copy in my shop! Thank you so very much Wheeler for your kind help. I will depend on you from now own for parts and service for my company. Wish all service businesses were this helpful. Thanks again.

Mount Repair Service

“I would like to thank you for allowing me to have the pleasure of using the digital equipment.  Your personal support in helping me with all the issues that I had in the beginning and any new questions that I have as of this date.  It’s nice to know that I can call your company and just say my first name and you know who is calling.  Everyone is extremely helpful and Stephen and I are extremely satisfied with the product and service. Thanks again for all your support.”

S.E. Samnick Attorneys

“We purchased our first Olympus digital recorder and transcriber in 2006. The support after the sale was fantastic back then and still is today. Everyone at Wheeler Business Machines is professional and to them, no question is too dumb. They are there to help us work more efficiently and conveniently. A superb company!”

Adams & Graham, LLP

“Love our digital dictation equipment! Our decision to purchase from Wheeler Business Machines was due to the fact they were very knowledgeable as to exactly what we were looking for after we had explained our situation. They recommended the perfect system for us. They are very helpful not only in helping us pick out exactly what we needed, but they also provided support in helping us install and set up the equipment. Would like to say a special Thank you to the Wheeler Team, who were patient, understanding and extremely helpful. I will definitely do business with you again!”

Hudacek & Hudacek Attorneys at Law

“Wheeler Business Machines, thank you for answering my email request in needing information about new digital dictation equipment.  Staff replied to my message almost immediately.  They were extremely knowledgeable in the product they were promoting/selling and eager to help.  Once I had the OK from my attorney to make the purchase of a new digital recorder and transcription software, Wheeler was right there to process the sale and had the equipment onsite and shipped out the same day.  When we received our equipment, I thought I was a bit of a techie and could handle loading everything onto the appropriate computers, well little did I know that I wasn’t, I called Wheeler Business Machines and they guided me through the installation process step by step.  We are up and running and absolutely love the new equipment and software!  Staff has called and checked on us, and they are always very pleasant, professional and helpful!  It’s like you’re here in Jerome, Idaho with us!  Way to go Wheeler Business Machines, you’re the best!”

Williams, Emservy and Lothspeich LLP

“I will be the first to say on behalf of the law firm of Piccion, Keeley & Assoc. Ltd., if it hasn’t already been said, your business, Wheeler Business Machines as well as you personally have been very attentive, responsive and provided great customer service (which these days is very hard to find) on each and every occasion.  You have been available to assist at each and every phone call we have placed to Wheeler Business and have helped from trouble shooting to the answering the simplest question immediately.  Since we have been a customer of Wheeler Business, we have felt important as you continue to treat our firm as one of your top Wheeler Business best customers.  I cannot thank you enough for all your help and assistance with our Olympus DS7000 digital dictation which has been one of the best products we have purchased in a long time. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will continue to prosper in business, as Wheeler Business Machine does a customer good!”

-Debbie L. Vargas
Piccione, Keeley & Associates Ltd

“I wanted to send you this unsolicited testimonial letter to thank you for all of your help and support in helping my office select a new dictation system and your follow through in helping us install it. For several years I used a different dictation system that was not keeping up with modern trends. I needed something where I can dictate directly into my computer and at the same time have the availability for remote dictation and remote transfer of that dictation to the office while I am away. I also expressed to you that I am not tech-savvy and that I previously enjoyed the simplicity of tape driven machines as opposed to digital machines. You suggested to me the Olympus Dictation System consisting of the AS-7000 transcription kits for each secretary, the DS-7000 portable recorder, and the DR-2200 hand microphone. All of them have performed beautifully and flawlessly. As promised, you walked us through the installation, which only took minutes, and the whole system was very intuitive. The dictation quality is far superior to what we had previously. It was important to me to have service after the sale for technical questions, etc. I was surprised, after researching the internet wholesalers who do not provide service after the sale, that your pricing not only beat them but gave us the security of knowing that an established company like Wheeler Business Machines was backing up the sale. I dictate daily in my law office so the machines get a lot of use and are truly quality built. The Olympus system supplied to us by Wheeler Business Machines is a cost effective professional solution that I think many of your customers will enjoy. You may feel free to have them call me directly should they have any questions or want to hear from an actual user of the system. Again, thank you Wheeler Business Machines for introducing us to this system, which will pay for itself quite quickly in our office.”

-Larry A. Stoller Attorney at Law