ISS ScanShark Inventory Audit Device


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The ScanSharks’ design philosophy is to keep operations of the handheld clean and simple. Just turn it on, select the inventory data collection type and start counting. It’s that simple.

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Wheeler Business Machines brings you the ISS Scanshark Inventory Audit Device.  The ScanShark Inventory Audit Device is by-far the best inventory computer available anywhere. Here is why:

Lightest: It weighs less than 28 oz, including the battery weight. It’s the lightest inventory computer in the world.

Memory: It has 256 MB of data memory standard, the ISS ScanShark audit device has the most memory of any inventory computer in the world.

Speed: The Scanshark uses a USB port for communications with the PC. Receiving a SKU Master file or sending your data to the PC is lightning fast. The USB port is the most trusted high-speed communications port in the world.

Software: You’ll save thousands of dollars on inventory software alone. Software for the ScanShark and PC are FREE with the purchase of an ISS Scanshark and include free lifetime upgrades via the internet! We’ll compete head-to-head with any inventory auditing software in the world and beat them hands-down for power and ease of use.

Inexpensive: For only $999.99 plus S/H, the ISS ScanShark Audit Device is the least expensive SKU/Barcode capable inventory computer in the world, coupled with the free software and always free upgrades, it can’t be beat, bar-none.

Product Features:

  • Large 4-line X 20-character display
  • RS-232 barcode scanner port
  • Upload collected data or download a SKU-Master table for verification via a USB v 2.0 port
  • 256 MB data memory minimum standard.
  • Full-size keys for fastest data entry speed

Our slogan “Price, Performance and Simplicity” really says it all and explains why the ISS ScanShark Inventory Audit Device is such a hit.

Software for the ISS ScanShark audit device and PC is included with free lifetime upgrades via the web. Windows compatible.

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