Olympus DS-9000C Digital Recorder with CR-21 Docking Cradle


Olympus DS-9000 Brochure

DS-9000 Digital Recorder

Olympus Professional dictation device providing increased workflow simplicity, intelligent dual microphone noise cancellation technology, and impact resistant certification up to 1.5 meters (4.9 ft).

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Olympus DS-9000 with CR-21 Docking Cradle. Professional Dictation, Streamlined Efficiency.

Capture your voice with enhanced clarity, simplicity and flexibility, in any environment using the Olympus DS-9000C.

The Olympus DS-9000 with CR-21 Docking Cradle is an excellent option for users looking to add a CR21 Cradle for easy charging and simplified workflow.

With advanced features including a superior noise canceling system, best-in-class file encryption, and supreme structural integrity, the DS-9000 will simplify your workflow and increase dictation management efficiency. Intelligent dual microphones control the directionality to keep the focus on the person dictating and suppress ambient noise in offices, hospitals, cars, airports and other noisy environments. A triple layer studio quality filter ensures accurate voice capture while reducing unwanted sounds such as breath and wind vibrations. This ensures superior accuracy that enhances workflow efficiency.

Encapsulated in a 1.5-meter shockproof body and equipped with an optical slide switch, the DS-9000 is designed to be a strong, dependable workhorse in heavy use environments. Complete with 256-bit AES encryption and device pin lock, the DS-9000 provides trusted security to your most sensitive information.

The CR-21 docking station (included in this bundle) for the DS‑9000 is the professional add‑on, which allows you to transfer your dictations via USB. It also provides a connector to your Olympus footswitch to remote control the recorder for hands‑free dictation or transcription. The dedicated connector for your voice recorder spares the fragile micro-USB connector from being broken easily after several connections. The CR-21 will also charge your DS-9000 while connected to the PC.


Intelligent dual microphone technology ensures optimization for many different recording environments. For example, in a noisy environment such as an airport, use narrow directionality to ensure the voice is accurately captured. For conference rooms when multiple individuals are speaking, use a wide directionality recording setting to accurately capture all presenters.


An included studio quality pop filter reduces additional noise from wind and breath noise, enabling more accurate transcription and professional, high-quality recordings.


A reliable body design resistant up to a 1.5-meter (4.9-ft) fall dramatically enhances the lifespan of the DS-9500 in heavy use environments. An optical slide switch reduces the risk of mechanical failure.


  • Intelligent dual microphones suppress unwanted background noise
  • Triple-layer sound studio pop filter blocks breath and wind vibrations
  • 2 GB Internal memory
  • Certified up to 1.5-meter (4.9-ft) shockproof body
  • Alcohol wipe resistant body
  • 256-bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec
  • Directional stereo recording optimized for conference settings
  • Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Release 7 software included


  • DS-9000 Hand Held Recorder
  • CR-21 Docking Cradle
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Cable
  • ODMS Release 7 Software License
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual

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