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Olympus CRT9500 Professional 2-Channel Conference / Meeting Recording and Transcription End-to-End Solution

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Recording a board meeting or other large gathering has never been easier. With only one lightweight high-quality case you can carry everything you need for your important meetings. With the CRT9500, designed for recording excellent quality sound, you can quickly and easily plug in the four omnidirectional ME-33 microphones for recording of extended periods of time in high quality stereo sound. Plug in the included AC adapter for even longer recording needs. After the meeting is complete transfer audio files via WiFi directly from the CRT9500 recorder and share instantly with coworkers. The supplied Olympus ODMS software allows you to organize, edit, combine, divide, and rename conference files as needed.

The CRT9500 Conference Solution with powerful, omni-directional ME-33 microphones, is built to record voices from a distance – even in the largest conference rooms. With the addition of included Professional Transcription Kit AS-9000 you will be able to transcribe meetings quickly and efficiently.

CRT9500 Conference Recording Kit Features
  • Everything you need to professionally record any meeting ‑ from weekly company briefings to high‑stakes conferences.
  • High quality omni‑directional microphones for 360° pickup and adjustable cable length
  • Olympus Flagship WiFi compatible DS-9500 with professional quality studio recording built-in
  • ODMS Software for easy workflow management
  • Increased flexibility and improved efficiency with WiFi accessibility – share recorded files wherever you are
  • Expandable system for increased coverage (up to two additional ME33 microphones can be added)
  • Professional Olympus lightweight carrying case to carry everything you need
  • 2GB Internal memory, Expandable with SD card for increased capacity
  • AS-9000 Transcription Kit featuring a footswitch, headset, and transcription software offering four supported playback modes ‑ stereo, mono, left mic and right mic

DS-9500 Professional Recorder Highlights

Record your voice and manage workflow with enhanced clarity and increased flexibility in any environment. With advanced features including WiFi technology, a superior noise canceling system, and enhanced structural integrity, the DS-9500 will simplify your workflow and improve recording management efficiency.

  • Intelligent microphone system
  • Recording Transfer via WiFi or Direct Download to PC
  • Precise 4 position slide switch
  • Flexible dictation tagging (with DSS Pro)
  • 2.4″ full color display (260,000 colors)
  • Impact-resistant body up to 1.5m high
  • 256 bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec
  • Device Pin Lock for increased security
  • Includes Professional ODMS R7 software – Dictation Module
  • Alcohol wipe resistant body

CR-21 Docking Station Highlights

This docking station for the DS‑9500 is the professional add‑on, which allows you to transfer your dictations via USB or LAN. Connected with an Olympus AC‑Adapter it charges your DS‑9500 in half the time than via USB connection (USB only: 4 hours).

  • Charging and dictation transfer via USB with DS‑9500
  • Multi-function cradle
  • LAN connection for areas where Wi‑Fi is not available
  • Fast charging
  • PC connection
  • Playback control via Optional footswitch
  • Hands‑free dictation via Optional footswitch
  • Dedicated connector for voice recorder
  • Kensington lock can be connected

ME-33 Omni-directional microphones (4)
The ME-33 boundary microphone is the next generation of omni-directional sound capture equipment from Olympus. Combined with an Olympus professional voice recorder, the ME-33 is the ideal solution for recording meetings, conference calls and more in large rooms with many attendees.

The ME-33 boundary microphone is purpose-built to clearly record voice at a distance. It automatically cuts extremely high- and low-frequency sounds, improving audio quality and recording usability.

The ME-33 is a powerful, omni-directional microphone designed to record voices from a distance – even in the largest conference rooms.

By automatically cutting extremely high- and low-frequency sounds, the ME-33 consistently produces clear, usable audio files.

  • Ideal solution for recording meetings
  • 360° voice pickup
  • Superior sound quality
  • Purpose-built for voice captures
  • Stereo recording possible
  • Expandable with up to 2 additional ME-33 mics

F-5AC Adapter
When recording long meetings and conferences, using an AC Adapter is critical. Olympus F-5AC will keep your recorder running and charge your battery at the same time.

ODMS Software – Dictation Module
The ODMS Release 7 software suite provides an intuitive and enhanced user experience that is capable of handling new efficient workflow capabilities.

Dictation files are automatically sent to predetermined destinations via network server, email, or FTP using either WIFI, LAN, or a USB connection.

An instant 256-bit file encryption with DSS Pro-Format secures your dictation and ensures only authorized listeners can access it. Customizable backup feature allows trusted storage of your files and protection against accidental data loss.

The New Start up wizard creates a fast and easy process that will get your organization running quickly. It will guide you to set-up your network, shared file folders and/or e-mail settings to route your dictation files to meet your needs.

Navigate the interface with ease thanks to an improved design and intuitive placement of common tools. Boost productivity and efficiency with easily customizable icons and settings to align with user preferences.

AS-9000 Transcription Kit
Industry-Leading Transcription Workflow Management Solution. Featuring a four-button foot control pedal, headset, and next-generation Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Release 7 software, the AS-9000 seamlessly integrates into the workflow of your office environment to significantly streamline data sharing and distribution of dictations between professionals, departments, and multiple office locations. A newly designed user interface provides easy set-up and navigation that creates a customized business solution to meet your needs.
  • Efficiently route files within the organization via network server, email, or FTP
  • Priority setting configurations for urgent recordings
  • Supports web-based e-mail clients such as Gmail and MS Office 365
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Multiple format playback, including DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3, and WAV/AIFF
  • Automatic association of transcription documents with dictation files
  • File playback of 256-bit file encryption in DSS Pro-format
  • Automatic back-up adds extra protection against accidental data loss
  • Quick installation and configuration with New Start-up Wizard.

RS-31H Foot Control
The High-End professional footswitch RS31H incorporates 4 buttons to easily control Olympus dictation management software ODMS. With the extra wide center pedal it has perfect ergonomics with extreme durability.

E-103 Transcription Headset
Lightweight stereo headset especially designed for Transcription. The under chin wearing style allows to easily take it on and off. It provides an L-shaped 3.5mm jack, including 2 pairs of ear pads to exchange, and 9ft long cable with great flexibility.

Olympus Carrying Case
This Olympus case has black/gray patterned interior, adjustable/removable padded compartments, shoulder strap, plus 3 large zippered compartments. It will keep your conference kit protected and organized. It has enough space to accommodate 2 additional microphones and other accessories.

What is included with the CR9500 Kit?

  • Olympus DS-9500 Wi-Fi Recorder
  • Olympus Dictation Management System R7 (ODMS) License (Dictation Module)
  • Olympus LI-92B Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Olympus F-5AC AC Adaptor
  • Olympus KP-30 microUSB Cable
  • Olympus CS-151 Carrying Case
  • Olympus CR-21 Docking Station
  • Olympus ME33 (qty: 4) Omni-directional Mics
  • Olympus Carrying Case
  • Olympus RS-31H Foot Control
  • Olympus E-103 Transcription Headset
  • Olympus Transcription Module R7 (ODMS) License

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