MBM 352S Paper Folder


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The MBM 352S high-speed air feed paper folder sports polyurethane foam rollers, eliminating the need for fold roller pressure settings. The variable speed function adds additional user control, is UL and C UL safety certified, and folds up to 22,000 sheets per hour.

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Wheeler Business Machines brings you the MBM 352S high-speed automatic setting paper folding machine. This model sports a variable speed function for added control as well as a powered exit conveyor, and comes UL and C UL safety certified.

MBM 352S paper folding machine features an air suction feed system, suitable for various types of coated stocks. Polyurethane foam rollers eliminate the need for fold roller pressure settings, and the bottom-feed, top-loading design allows continuous reloading and dependable sheet separation. The model comes with casters for easy movement, and the heavy-duty, non-flexing side frames add significant durability.

The 352S boasts a 300 sheet capacity that decreases time spent feeding paper into the machine. Needle bearings allow for high speed production, and an extended exit tray for neat stacking of folded sheets.

Optional extended delivery system, crossfold for right-angle folding, and slitting, scoring, and perforating attachments are available. Contact Us for details.

Product Features

  • 7 different fold types: half fold, letter, double parallel, z-fold, gate, engineering, cross fold, and custom.
  • Variable speed control allows operator to set folding speed for each job.
  • Accepts many different stocks including recycled, art, and vellum paper.
  • Powered exit conveyor for smooth operation.
  • Durable heavy-duty side frames.
  • UL and C UL safety approved.

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