ICAL 100R Inventory Calculator Refurbished


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Refurbished ICAL 100R.

ICAL decreases errors, time,
personnel required, and operating
costs in counting and managing

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Wheeler Business Machines brings you the ICAL 100R.  These are refurbished and ready to use.

ICAL will shorten inventory time while offering more information and uses only one person, no team required.

No special training required. Just start using it. Important where high employee turnover is prevalent.

I CAL lets you divide the store into 128 separate departmental totals.  ICAL will let you enter dollar amounts into the correct department as you encounter each item with each total instantly available.

ICAL is accurate, it beeps to indicate you’ve made a mistake, hit two keys at the same time, or hit the keys in the wrong sequence.  ICAL also beeps to indicate an entry over $100.

In addition, an ERROR reading on your digital display will indicate an error exists.

ICAL keyboard is designed for higher speed and fewer mistakes.  It lets you count and enter at the same time with touch keying.  In addition, the key arrangement is designed to stop most repeated mistakes.  The minus key, equals key and the multiplication key are all separated with the most used key, “O”, full width for easy of use.

ICAL’s self test capability makes sure your inventory gets off to the right start.

You can get up to 400 hours on two alkaline 9V batteries. ICAL won’t lose memory as long as one battery is connected, dropping ICAL won’t cause memory loss either.

The keyboard and ABS plastic case are built tough for repeated use.  ICAL operates in cold and hot temperatures.

Only thirty ounces,  ICAL lets you keep one hand free while counting.