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Grundig 3110D Microcassette Desktop Recorder

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The Grundig 3110D Desk Top Recorder features a dictation workstation with microphone, transcription station with foot control, and a set of headphones. It supports adjustable play back speed, adjustable short rewind, and will alert you at the end of the tape.

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Product Description

Wheeler Business Machines brings you the Grundig 3110D Desktop Recorder. The D3110, when used together with the 756 FX microphone, represents the ideal dictation machine, which can also be used for conference recordings. When equipped with a foot control and headphones, it can also be used as a transcription machine. The LCD panel shows the tape counter function, which matches the counting speed of the handheld recorder.

Product Features:

  • Dictation workstation with microphone, transcription station with foot control and headphone
  • Adjustable play back speed (+/- 15%)
  • Adjustable short rewind
  • Warning beep at tape end

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