Dictation Equipment Repair

Call or Contact for Price! Call or Contact for Price!

We service all major brands of dictation and transcription equipment, both tape based (microcassette, minicassette and standard cassette) and digital.

We offer free estimates on all portable and desktop models.

Email sales@wheelermachines.com or Call 616-245-3335.




$68.00/hour……..Portable Recorders
$68.00/hour……..Desktop Models – Transcribers & Recorders

To send in broken equipment for free estimate and repair, simply ship prepaid to us with your name, phone number, return shipping address and a brief description of the problem. We will diagnose the equipment problem and call you with a free repair estimate within 24 hours of receipt. Place disabled equipment in a sturdy box. Use styrofoam, bubble wrap or balled up newspaper as protective packing, and ship to:

Wheeler Business Machines, Inc.
Attn: Service & Repair
1473 Gentian Drive
Grand Rapids, MI 49508