Dahle Premium Rotary Trimmers


The Dahle 440 premium series rotary trimmers offer unparalleled cutting capacity. The new 440 series rotary trimmers are the preferred cutter for professional use by graphic designers, advertising agencies, photographic studios, museums, engineering firms and repro houses as they give a very clean, burr-free cut.

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Wheeler Business Machines brings you Dahle’s Premium Rotary Paper Trimmer line.

The rotary trimmer is ideal for finish trimming and cutting of thicker mediums such as mat board, foam board and poster board, as well as photographs, art work, blueprints and plotter print outs. The rotary blade is housed in a plastic cover, thus ensuring absolute safety. The hardened rotary blade is also self-sharpening due to its cutting action against the lower blade.

The Dahle premium models are for professional use and are indispensable in advertising agencies, graphic design and photographic studios, as they give a burr-free cut on thick medium materials.


  • Ground, rotating upper blade
  • Ground lower blade
  • Self sharpening blade makes finish cuts in either direction
  • Safety is ensured by totally enclosing the blade in a plastic housing
  • Automatic see-through paper clamp
  • Steel cutting table base
  • Thick-walled aluminum guide rod
  • Table pre-printed with reference grid lines
  • Adjustable backstop fits either side
  • Scale bar calibrated in inches and centimeters
  • Can be wall mounted

Wheeler Business Machines is located in Grand Rapids, MI but serves Commercial Accounts across North America. Email sales@wheelermachines.com or Call 616-245-3335.

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